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    Early in the morning to drink the best health benefits
    Published:10/7/2014 10:45:29 PMViews: 805
    After the reduction of water in the body, can also lead to abnormal mucus secretion in the intestine reduced, making the stool stays too long in the intestines and feces in the accumulation of harmful substances in the intestine, the body re-absorb these toxins, it is prone to headaches, dizziness, mental fatigue and other symptoms. 
    Research shows that in the morning to drink water, the health effects on the human body is most prominent. To select the boiled water to drink as well, water intake from 200 to 400 ml, not too much, lest one o'clock of a lot of water to dilute the gastric juice, affecting eating breakfast appetite. In this case water, on health has the following benefits: 
    Diuretic fasting drinking water, 15 to 30 minutes there is a diuretic effect, the effect quickly and clearly. 
    Dinner detoxification protein and mineral intake into the body, the body's catabolic process, will produce some toxic substances, harmful to the body. If the morning after drinking a timely manner, it can promote urination and defecation, as soon as the toxins from your body. 
    Protect the heart after a night's sleep, the body of water will be as urine, sweat and breathing and lost a lot of blood will become sticky, blood volume decreases. This gives the coronary blood supply to the heart of the manufacturing difficulties are likely to cause angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and other cardiac disorders caused by insufficient blood supply. Thus, the occurrence of angina more time in the morning, if you get up in the morning after drinking a glass of water in time, we can achieve add moisture, the purpose of reducing blood viscosity and reduce the incidence of angina.
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