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    Chengdu Yakang Health Products Co., Ltd. 
    Website: www.tawan-song.com 
    Total machine: 0086-028-8312 2718 
    Merchants: 13980806718 Lee 
    Q Q: 910863181 
    Email: ksijia@163.com 
    Address: Chengdu Chenghua Station North Station Road on the 1st Business Building 5F
    Job Listings
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    Job Position: Development Engineer
    Place of work: Changsha Number: 3人
    Wages: 6000 Add time: Thursday, July 31, 2014 5:34:47 PM
    Job requirements:
    More than 2 years of relevant work experience in web development programmers, computer experience preferred 
      2, master asp.net development, can meet with the team to complete the development of medium-sized website 
      3, master sql server database development; js script, such as the front desk, a mature Case
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    Job Position: Graphic design
    Place of work: Changsha Number: 2人
    Wages: 5000 Add time: Thursday, July 31, 2014 5:33:37 PM
    Job requirements:
    1,22 years of age, a computer or Design related professional college degree or above, more than two years in graphic design or web design experience, 
    2, with excellent graphic design and web design creative ability, proficient photoshop, dreamweaver software, familiar with css, able to independently complete the planning and layout of the site's static pages; 
    3, excellent communication skills, be able to grasp customer needs and preferences, can be a good interpretation of the presented works; 
    4, the height of the executive power, a good team spirit, good communication, coordination, organization and development capacity.

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