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    About us
    Chengdu Yakang Health Products Co., Ltd. 
    Website: www.tawan-song.com 
    Total machine: 0086-028-8312 2718 
    Merchants: 13980806718 Lee 
    Q Q: 910863181 
    Email: ksijia@163.com 
    Address: Chengdu Chenghua Station North Station Road on the 1st Business Building 5F
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    Company plastic bottle infusion four production lines (one under construction), glass infusion two production lines, tablets, capsules, syrups production line, workshop have passed the national GMP certification. 
    The company in 2001 the company passed the ISO9001: 2000 certification. 
    Glucose infusion quality to international quality standards. 
    In 2001 the company was recognized as a provincial high-tech enterprises. 
    In 2002 the company was recognized as a national high-tech enterprises. 
    2002 was identified as the National Torch Plan Key High-tech enterprises. 
    2005 was reviewed by the State Torch Plan Key High-tech enterprises. 
    2007 once again been recognized as National Torch Plan Key High-tech enterprises. 
    National Torch Program Certificate (irbesartan project). 
    SME Technology Innovation Fund project certificate. 
    The company has four provincial-level high-tech products, a provincial Torch Program, a national Torch Program projects.
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