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    About us
    網  址:
    總  機:0086-028—8312 2718
    招  商:139 8080 6718  李總
    Q    Q:910863181
    地  址:成都市成華區站北路1號站北商務樓5F
    Company Profile
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    American times Scone Health Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a large diversified multinational company, owns more than ten thousand hectares of Russian forest husbandry and natural health products raw materials growing areas, the new eco-bio-engineering company, Mrs Lau medicine, East Philippine biotechnology company etc. Industries. 

    U.S. Health Industry Group Co., Ltd. times Scone health products raw materials involved in the cultivation, livestock breeding, with international prospective professional health food and health products development, production and integration of large enterprises increase sales. Group with the GMP requirements of modern large-scale construction of thousands of grade soft capsules, tablets and other Taiwanese Investment Zone in Wuhan, covering the formulations of the production base, with 4 billion tablets, soft capsules 6 billion annual production capacity, is the central region's largest health care products soft capsule production base. 

    The company is now producing and selling pregnancy management staff of 500 people, is owned by the well-known nutrition experts, doctors, graduate and undergraduate research and development team composed of leading international level, is one of the large modern health care products companies of standardized management . 

    Times Scone has advanced production workshop and production equipment. Workshop according to GMP standard design, reasonable layout, construction science, in line with international norms. The company has first-class public works equipment, health products fully meet the production characteristics, while improving the process of scientific equipment, the equipment perfect combination of performance and production processes. The company has four plants, including two soft capsule workshop (7 ??lines, the production capacity of 10 million), solid preparation workshop (Nissan tablets, hard capsules, granules, powders capacity of 50 tons), plastic bottle shop (Nissan plastic bottles 60000 sets) and die shop. 

    China's total distribution: Chengdu Yakang Health Products Co., Ltd. 
    Service hotline: 0086-028-8312 271,813,980,806,718 Li QQ: 910863181
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